Hello and welcome to a new home for my writings. Also included on this site are reflections on my personal involvement in activism related to LGBT identities and mental health awareness. For latest happenings, say Hi to me on Twitter or read my new blog postings right here.

I originally set up this site to encourage other lesbians to write essays, articles and dissertations on lesbian subjects – especially outside of a Lesbian Studies or Women’s Studies programme. You can find the full text of a number of my research writings on this site. The earliest of these were written as a BA and then MA student within the English Department at Leicester University, England, 1987-1991. These days my writing interests are less academic.

Other writings here include conference presentations, brief lighthearted articles, recollections in the style of blog posts or memoir and creative works written for the web. Most of these writings continue to be lesbian-themed. For those who prefer something different, it’s not all essays and prose fiction. You can also find poetry and other creative ideas in my multimedia studio. The studio has links to examples of animated poetry and videos of me performing my work.

black_bookI hope these writings provide ideas and inspiration for others working to promote the visibility of lesbians in all areas of life. All I ask is that anyone who quotes from or prints these pages gives full acknowledgement and adequately references the source.